4 pk 6-7 Hour Burn Time Tea Lights


Choose Your Scents


Waterlily & Jasmine: Nice blend of tangerine & orange that gives you a nice fresh & energizing aroma.


Peony Blush: This smells like beautiful peonies that are sure to leave a long-lasting aroma!


Coco Mango: A nice blend of coconut and mango that will have your home smelling tropical!


Soft Plum: Warm & Inviting aroma that has a blend of black cherry, citrus, light musk, plum & a hint of vanilla.


Lime & Basil Mandarin: A blend of lime, peppery basil with a hint of orange.


LoveLee Lotus: Top Seller! Our signature scent has a beautiful blend of jasmine, lemon, honeysuckle, ginger & a hint of violet that has a great floral aroma that is perfect for an all-year round scent.


Ocean Breeze: A nice blend of spring is here mixed with my clothes are fresh & clean!


Cedarwood Amber: A nice Warm & Cozy aroma with a blend of lavender, sandalwood, cedarwood, coriander & a hint of musk.


Plum Valley: Top Seller! Perfect scent that has just the right amount of fruity plum sweetness. This aroma is also perfect for an all-year round scent.


Sea Salt Orchid: A soft and sexy aroma with calming hints of jasmine and a blend of sea salt, lily, green leaves & tonka beans.

4 pk 6-7 Hour Burn Time Tea Lights

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