Get the Greatest Burn time out of your candle by simply taking care of it!

TRIM YOUR WICKS EVERY TIME before lighting them up! For more tips on how to properly care for your candle scroll down.

  • TRIM YOUR WICK ¼ inch each time before lighting.

  • Keep away from children, pets or anything flammable for that matter.

  • Keep away from areas where a draft (doors, heaters, AC etc.) may be.

  • Do Not burn your candle ALL day long! I love how they smell too but let us keep it to 4 hours at a time. Let it cool, harden, TRIM wick of course & Relight.

  • Fun Tip: If you want to avoid the smoke when extinguishing your candle, simply dip the wick in the wax and boom no smoke. Oh, but make sure you lift it right back up.

  • Oh, and we must learn how to let it go if you have ¼ inch or less of wax left. It can cause the jar or tin to overheat and crack which is extremely dangerous, not to mention clean up will be a mess.

  • All jars and tins can be repurposed for storage of earrings, watches, rings and so much more. It’s always great when we can recycle to help reduce the amount of waste being sent to landfills and incinerators.

  • To clean out leftover wax from the bottom of jar/tin, boil water and pour it into jar/tin. Wait a little while for wax to lift, remove wax with wooden craft stick or anything that’s not sharp or metal & dispose into trash. After that, pour the water out of jar/tin and wipe clean with warm cloth. Boom you have now repurposed your LoveLee Lotus Candle jar and/or tin. Enjoy!

Wax Melt Safety Tips

  • Please do not add any water to hot wax as it can be dangerous!

  • Hot wax can cause burning of the skin so be careful when handling.

  • Place your burner or warmer out of reach of children & pets.

  • Avoid contact with eyes and skin, if this happens, flush with water and if irritation persist, contact physician.

  • Do Not place your burner/warmer near drafts but do be sure to place in a well-ventilated area.

  • Do Not leave unattended while in operation.

  • Only use 1 wax melt at a time unless you have a large warmer/burner, not doing so will cause wax to overflow and damage property.

  • Make sure to remove any plastic packaging from melts before use.

  • Wax melts contain dye so avoid contact with fabrics as melted wax may stain.

  • Do Not pour wax down the drain!!!

  • I love the smell too but let us keep the burn time to under 4 hours for our melts.

  • Be sure to check your melting dish for any chips or cracks before each use.

  • If using an electric warmer KEEP AWAY FROM WATER.

  • Never burn wax melts near anything flammable!

  • Also, Do Not walk around with or transport warmer/burner while in use as melted wax can spill and cause serious burns or damage.

  • Ensure that your wax melts are stored in a safe, cool & dry place, not near the babies or pets as they smell and look sooo good but should NEVER be eaten!!!

How to Discard your Wax

  • Fun fact: Wax melts do not evaporate.

  • Your wax melts will eventually lose its scent and should then be discarded.

  • You can either plug in your warmer or light your tealight for a few seconds to allow it to warm the bottom of the wax just enough for you to remove it (avoid using anything metal or sharp).

  • Be careful not to damage the glass or ceramic. I sometimes use the wooden craft sticks to lift mine out.

  • Plug in your warmer or light your tealight under your burner to melt the wax completely. Once wax is completely melted, unplug warmer or extinguish tealight, place cotton balls or paper towel in wax to absorb it, dispose of cotton balls/paper towels in the trash then wipe any remaining wax leftover. Burner/Warmer might be HOT so be careful when handling.

  • Never dispose of melted wax down the drain! I know I already said that just had to make it clear.


Candle Care Tips