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Welcome to LoveLee Lotus Candles, everyone’s favorite online candle shop. We’ve got great deals available on a selection of our Wax Melts, Jar and Tin Candles.  Browse through our catalog today so you too can have your very own LoveLee Lotus Candles and/or Melts! Feel free to send any questions or feedback to Happy Shopping!!!

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What's in Stock?

  • 6 oz. Tin Candles

  • Wax Burners

  • 8 oz. Tin Candles

  • Tea Lights

  • 4 Pack Wax Melt Sampler

  • 6 Pack Lotus Flower Melts


Our Story

LoveLee Lotus Candles LLC ( An online candle store that is simply scent-sational) was established by a meek, shy, yet determined girl who hails from Queens, New York. Although the road to achieving her dreams did not go without challenges, she did not allow any of those trials and tribulations to get in her way. LoveLee Lotus Candles LLC blossomed just like a Lotus flower and an outlet that helped the owner cope with symptoms of severe anxiety (#mentalhealthawareness). Throughout her journey, she's found her niche and passion for candle-making, including crafting and carefully combining unique and invigorating scents and designs.

The mission of LoveLee Lotus Candles LLC is to bring peace, tranquility, and relaxation right to the comfort of your own homes. This online candle store is operated by a dedicated and extremely creative entrepreneur who prides herself on providing exceptional customer service to her fellow candle lovers! My uniquely designed wax melts and colored candles are all meticulously hand-crafted with love and care. Find out how you too can acquire some of your very own inventory of LoveLee Lotus Candles.